Frequently Asked Questions


1. Q. How to mix product properly?

A. For optimal results, mix MBV2 concentrate with 1 gal. of water in a pump sprayer.  After mixing, be sure to accurately pH balance to optimal level prior to application.  Our product dilutes into water effortlessly.  Depending on environmental stresses, it is recommended to test on one plant before spraying your entire garden, as different plants can react differently.  Do not exceed 1oz./gal. unless using in a fogging application.

2. Q. Should I adjust pH of MBV2 mix?

A. Different tap water or filtered water will vary in pH in different regions.  We find its best to accurately pH balance to optimal level after mixing product.

3. Q. How long into a flower cycle can I spray MBV2?

A. It is safe to spray up until flush or 1 to 2 weeks before harvest.  Our product evaporates clean with virtually no residues.

4. Q. How often should I spray MBV2?

A. Using our product as a weekly preventative maintenance will boost a plants immunity, health, and over all vigor; it will make your plants less susceptible to insects and PM. MBV2 is a mild foliar feed while defending your plants.  The silicic acid and magnesium sulphate will enhance phosphorus uptake.  Whenever bugs or PM are persistent, spray every 3 days until pests or PM are eradicated.

5. Q. Is MBV2 safe to use on food or medical crops?

A. MBV2 is 100% safe on all food and medical grade crops.  It is made from the finest sourced ingredients and is 100% compliant with EPA/FIFRA class 25b standards for food use.

6. Q. Can MBV2 be used with other pesticides?

A. Because MBV2 is a concentrated product, it is not recommended to use in conjunction with other products.  To maintain robustness of plant growth, it is recommended to wait for a period of 24 -48 hours before use of another product.

7. Q. Will MBV2 affect my nutrient schedule?

A. No. MBV2 is a mild foliar feed.  MBV2 will add levels of available phosphorous, magnesium sulfate and silicic acid.  These essential plant nutrients are natural plant boosters designed to help your plant avoid stress from insects and PM, while promoting health and over all growth.

8. Q. How should I store MBV2?

A. MBV2 should be stored in concentrated form, out of reach of children and pets in a cool, dark, dry place.

9. Q. What is the shelf life of MBV2?

A. MBV2 is in a very stable concentrated form and will last for years.  Once mixed into water, it is best to use within 24 hours of mixing in order to achieve best results and potency.

10. Q. Is MBV2 safe to use around children and pets?

A. MBV2 is in a highly concentrated form and should not be left around children or pets.  However, once mixed, it is safe to use around humans and pets. Many of our active ingredients are even used on livestock for treating animals plagued by flies, fleas, or ticks.

11. Q. Will MBV2 affect my aquaponic system or fish pond?

A. MBV2 sprayed on foliage surrounding a fish pond or aquatic system will not adversely affect fish.  However in order to reduce exposure of product to the fish or beneficial bacteria, it is important not to spray directly into the water.

12. Q. When is the best time to spray MBV2?

A. It is best to spray any pesticide in low light conditions.  Sun rays or intense HPS/MH lighting can magnify water droplets and cause damage to foliage.  We recommend spraying up to 1 hour prior to sunset and 15-30 minutes before indoor lights turn off. If a plant is in vegetative growth (18-24 hour light cycle), it is ok to turn off lights for a few hours to allow the product’s active ingredients time to achieve maximum effectiveness.