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3 in one Plant Defense System

Our MB V2 Concentrate

Mighty Bomb Version 2 (MBV2) has been formulated to be unlike anything else on the market today! We offer the grower a unique product formulated with the highest quality, natural plant based ingredients. Safe for use on all food crops under FIFRA class 25b. Can be used on all indoor & outdoor plants, greenhouses, ornamentals and in turf & farm applications, mosquito fogging and food preparation areas etc. Our proprietary blend of natural insecticides, mildewcides and all natural plant boosters help defend your garden from biting insects such as mites, thrips, aphids, white flies, and fungus gnats in adult as well as larval and egg stages.

Magnesium sulphate and silica, help with plant immunity to disease and pests. We also use the insecticidal benefits of peppermint, rosemary and geraniol to ensure insects do not build up an immunity. As the silicon accumulates in cell walls, it concentrates and hardens. The nutrient transport system (xylem/phloem) is strengthened and expanded, which then increases sap pressure, making less mobile nutrients (like calcium) move more efficiently throughout the plant. More nutrient uptake means more essential building blocks for maximum plant health.

Octopamine & Octopamine Blockers

(The Jeweled Cockroach Wasp uses natural Octopamine Blockers to paralyze the Cockroach.)

Octopamine was first discovered by the Italian scientist, Vittorio Erspamer, in 1948 in the salivary glands of the octopus. It has since been found to act as a neurotransmitter, neurohormone and neuromodulator in invertebrates. Octopamine regulates an insect’s heart rate, movement, behavior, metabolism and hormones. Octopamine receptors are found on an insect’s antenna and transmit specific information to the insect’s brain. i.e. “to Feed, to Mate, to Lay eggs”…etc. Interrupting the function of these octopamine neurotransmitters results in a complete breakdown of the insect’s nervous system.

Mildewcide, Plant Booster

Octopamine blockers are found in high grade plant based essential oils. MBV2 uses this technology to destroy any pest or insect colonies in your garden. MBV2 targets, interrupts, and blocks the octopamine process; rendering the insect unable to communicate with itself. The eggs, larvae, and adults are then killed by immobilizing the insects body and nervous system, followed by dehydration and suffocation. MBV2 stops pests dead in their tracks, on contact.

“Octopamine” is found in invertebrates, but NOT mammals!
(That is why it is SAFE for use around you, your children and your pets!)

natural insecticides

Powdery Mildew * (PM)

natural insecticides
natural insecticides

Powdery Mildew (PM) forms when humidity levels rise. PM cell’s form a bond to your plants cell walls with roots know as haustoria. Haustoria penetrate the plant’s cell wall and siphon nutrients from the space between the cell wall and the plasma membrane. Our formula is proven to stop the way PM feeds off your plant’s cells, by attacking the haustoria and making the PM unable to release spores on contact – starving it out of existence. MBV2 also incorporates the use of silicic acid and clove oil, high in eugenol (the strongest fungicide in nature). Our clove oil is of the highest food grade and is packed with eugenol naturally. MBV2 will coat powdery mildew so that it can no longer release spores and multiply throughout your garden. Effectively eliminating powdery mildew from your plants.

Plant Booster Technology

natural insecticides

Stress Resistance

Silicic acid is shown to establish powerful stress resistance factors when plants face tough conditions. It also helps with osmoregulation (water usage), making the plant more resistant to stresses like drought, heat, cold, and other environmental stresses such as PM and pests.

Foliar Feeding Benefits

Magnesium sulfate is a combination of magnesium and sulfur; both nutrients being beneficial for plant health. Magnesium is involved in photosynthesis. Deficiency of this nutrient affects leaf color. Sulfur activates plant enzyme systems: deficiency of sulfur results in growth and color changes. Although sulfur is not considered one of the primary plant nutrients, plant requirements for sulfur are equal to those of phosphorus. Observation of plant leaves provides information needed to diagnose nutrient deficiencies. However, because magnesium and sulfur symptoms look very similar to symptoms related to other nutrients, it is necessary to distinguish between the symptoms of various nutrient deficiencies before deciding when to foliar feed.

Mixing Ratios

Vegetative Application

1oz./gal. for any plant in vegetative stage of growth

Flowering Application

1/2oz./gal. with an increase in dosage only if required of
up to 1oz./gal. for plants in flowering stage of growth

Fogging Application

Mix 3-9oz./gal. Apply at a rate of 1 to 3 fluid ounces per
1,000 cubic feet

natural insecticides

Mixing Instructions

For optimal results mix MBV2 concentrate with 1 gal. of water in a pump sprayer. After mixing, be sure to accurately pH balance to optimal level prior to application. Always be as thorough as possible when spraying your plants by hand. Many types of bugs like to gather on the underside of leaf surfaces. They use the main stem and branches as the fastest means of transportation to the leaf surface to feed. Try to ensure an even coat on all surfaces of plants and surrounding areas. Our product dilutes into water effortlessly. Depending on environmental stresses, it is recommended to test on 1 plant before spraying your entire garden, as different plants with various stresses can react differently. Do not exceed 1oz./gal. unless using in a fogging application. Doing so may cause unnecessary damage to your plants.

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